The Problem

There are many companies that operate within the space of loose leaf tea retail, that also sell tea ware. However, very little innovation seems to be occurring within the context of the tea ware available on the market. Everywhere you look you find the same mesh metal basket that has been repurposed to function within a tea pot, steeper bottle, or single serve infuser. The most innovation comes in the form of aesthetic changes. This has resulted in a very stale and stagnant market that is not moving forward or tackling key issues involved in tea brewing. The two primary problems currently slated for the Happy Loose Leaf tea company to tackle is the portability and convenience of loose leaf tea brewing. The previously mentioned metal basket makes tea brewing cumbersome, tedious, and inconvenient. It certainly does not lend itself to a busy on the go lifestyle.

Our Solution

The Happy Loose Leaf tea company will constantly be looking forward and to the future to see how we can improve and innovate our existing tools for tea brewing. The first step in this direction is the happy tea ball. The happy tea ball simultaneously reinvents the outdated metal basket and also tackles the crucial issue of portability and convenience. The happy tea ball is a device that allows you to insert your favorite loose leaf tea into the ball, then set your desired brewing duration, and then simply drop the device into any one of your favorite containers. After the happy tea ball has been dropped into the water the you are done, and can rest assured that their tea will be brewed perfectly. There is no need to remove the used loose leaf from your tea until you are done drinking!